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Online Poker Tips – 3 Mistakes to Avoid

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royal_flush_pokerThe  following are three common mistakes made in Poker. By staying focused on your table and keeping your mind sharp, you can avoid these errors.

1. Over-playing – Never overplay your hands!

Everyone has over-played a game. And this usually happens when you’re losing. Sometimes, when the game isn’t going well for you, you end up forcing play to try and tip the scales in your favor.
In poker, ‘tilting’ is a term which refers to a player getting frustrated, annoyed or aggravated and as a result, allowing this mental state to inhibit his playing skills. Even the best poker players can tilt. It’s easy for you to just let the game continue in the hopes that things will get better for you.
When you’re losing a game, you may not actually be tilting, in its true meaning, but you are definitely not playing well. And when you’re not playing well, it could very well imply that you are about to ‘tilt’.

2. Choosing a bad game – Table selection is very important for success!

Everyone assumes that in order to win a round of poker, you have to be a great, seasoned player. False. In poker, you merely need to be one of the better players at the table. Which makes finding the right game a crucial step in playing poker.
If you don’t identify a good game before sitting down, chances are you’ve already taking the losing path. That really is totally avoidable. Take the time, scout around, and look for a table where you find that you would be better than a majority of the players. And then get started.
Another major point? Being able to identify when your table is no longer good for you. Once you realize that your table has potentially ‘gone bad’, make sure you quit and find yourself a better table to play it. Continuing to play at a table that’s gone bad is another avoidable mistake. So get up, look around for a better game and keep your winning streak going!

3. Poor bluffs – Choose your spots wisely!

Bluffing is a big part of poker. But if you’re bluffing and doing it badly, you’re setting yourself up for a fall.
A good poker player at your table will easily be able to guess that you’re calling a bad bluff. So, never bluff without thinking. Make sure you’re aware of the hand you’re representing and where it can take you. If you can back it up with other plays, like over cards, if somebody calls you on your bluff, even better.
Bluffing is a great technique in poker but one that should not be taken lightly. Bluffing without a fall-back plan can instantly ruin your game. So, take the time to think about your bluff and if you can see it through. And don’t forget your poker-face!

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