Birthday Week Update

So once again Poker has taken a backseat to work and we have been run off our feet for the last couple of weeks. Business is going really well and we are getting some pretty big orders so touch wood we can go from strength to strength and look to keep increasing sales in the coming months.

It was my birthday on Friday and my girlfriend Cara organized a big surprise party for me at my local pub and it was an extremely good night, lots of alcohol was consumed and some very dodgy dancing occurred from a couple of people. Was great to see so many people there and a big thank you to Pete and Max at the Ivy who let us have the party there and to my Family and Friends for turning up and making it an extremely special night and the biggest thank you to Cara for all the arrangements and managing to keep it a secret from me.

Birthday Week Update going really

Poker wise Ive been running pretty bad for a lot of the month and although I said Ive not had much time for Poker I have already managed more hands than last month and although I`m still winning its pretty meh. My biggest losing hand for the month is AK which probably says a lot for how it is going and I really dont seem to be able to win flips at the moment. Im not tilting though so for that reason Im not overly fussed at how it is going and I know it will turn itself around in the future.

I also had my second session with Jesse and it went pretty well again although I still haven’t had chance to go over the video and review stuff so for that reason we have put back my next session so I can review the stuff we have discussed as I dont feel there is certainly any point rushing these things and it will take some time for me to take all the things in. Anyway thats it for the moment, hopefully things can carry on as they are and it will be a really good end to the year in general.

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