Let Absolute Buddy Be Your Best Friend

Could there be considered a friendlier game than poker?

From weekly poker nights in college dorms to cross-generational games played at the family card table, poker brings people together. Even online, poker can be a highly social activity, especially when you invite friends and family or benefit from our built-in chat feature. Did you know putting a straight friendlier spin on your poker play is easy when you take advantage of Absolute Buddy?

Absolute Buddy is an applet built right into our game client that enables you to see whenever your friends, favorite players, or pros are online. It's built on the same technology as Google chat, msn, AOL instant messenger, and other popular IM clients. Imagine being able to track everyone you care about and quickly find where they're seated every time they visit Absolute Poker.

Let Absolute Buddy Be Your Best Friend Absolute Buddy

You can include anyone to your list with a quick click. With another click, you can take your seat at your buddy's table. Make use of the handy notes feature to provide yourself the within scoop once you meet a familiar face. The informative sound files will let you know when your crew shows up or sneaks out the back door. If you're concerned about your enemies tracking your every move, there's a block feature that gives you the power of invisibility, at least on line.

Don't forget that you can easily track all of the Absolute Poker pros using Absolute Buddy. Have a look at their ids and watch the masters (and mistresses) doing his thing.

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